Noahs Ark for Pocket PC

Noahs Ark for Pocket PC 2.1

Noah's ark has been built and it has started to rain
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Noahs Ark for Pocket PC 2.1 has been designed to be installed in Windows Mobile Pocket PC devices, but as it's a quite old game it won't work on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices, so before buying you should try it.
Noah's ark has been built and it has started to rain. Your task is to match all the animals into pairs and get them aboard the ark before the floodwater gets too high.
Play takes place on a board eight by eight squares in size, complete with 32 pairs of animals. It is your task to match up the pairs of animals; match a pair and they are removed from the board.
There are a few things that make things a little bit harder though. For a start, pairs can only be matched if the path between them is clear. Also, animals must be connectible by a route involving no more than two turns.
Three levels of difficulty provide longevity in gameplay, and on harder levels rocks are brought into play to block your path. Should things get too tricky the position of the remaining animals can be shuffled.
This game is a full featured demo version. Demo version will show a screen before playing for some seconds until the game is registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Funny puzzle game
  • Good graphics (specially for such an old game)


  • Not compatible with windows mobile 6
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